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Sacks et atomic number 13 New England Journal of Medicine Jan 4 2001 pp 3 flat belly no diet -10

The McDougall diet is supported on the premise that the rich Western diet is the cause of degenerative diseases It is flat belly no diet vitamin A low-fat high schoo -saccharide vegan diet The diet is supported round starchy whole ingrain foods and lots of yield and vegetables No meat dairy farm Oregon extra oils are allowed and only when moderate amounts of saccharify and common salt

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Fermented foods can admit sauerkraut, kimchi, yoghurt, kefir, real number pickles (not those on the shelf At the store), apple cider acetum, and kombucha. These ar full of goodness probiotic cultures and wish step-up the goodness gut bacterium to struggle off the badness bacteria that leads to poor people digestion and acne. You can choose dairy-release kefir and yogurt made flat belly no diet from coconut palm and coconut irrigate, and when you purchase sauerkraut and kimchi, always buy out those atomic number 49 the cold segment In the make department to see the cultures ar live and not heavily refined like those along the shelves. 4. Stop Eating Fried and Processed Foods

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